One of the best ways to have a bull terrier as a pet is to rescue them. Bull terriers are intelligent dogs who are loyal to their families. They are characterized by their egg shaped head and their triangular eyes. They are fun loving, active, and enjoy the outdoors. Trained to hunt rabbits, foxes, and other rodents, bull terriers are bred for the hunt, and thus should always remain active. They will not do well in a house filled with couch potatoes, and went left alone, they become very destructive. Bull terriers are very obedient, but they can be a challenge to train, especially for first time dog owners. Before doing a bull terrier rescue, you might want to learn everything you can about this breed, for it will help you determine if they’re perfect for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Tip #1: Know the Bull Terrier

Bull terriers are a challenge to take care of during their early years, for they tend to be very active and will try to outsmart you. When bored and not entertained, bull terriers can be destructive. If you come from a family where people aren’t always in the house or if you live a sedentary lifestyle, the bull terrier breed might not be right for you. Bull terriers, however, get along well with other dogs, but care must be given when placed in the same company with male dogs.

Tip #2: The Bull Terrier Club of America

Its possible to rescue a bull terrier from a local shelter, but since bull terriers are becoming less and less popular, their numbers dwindle and chances of finding them at an animal shelter is relatively small. Dog shelters will usually contact the Bull Terrier Club of America if a bull terrier needs a new home. The shelter will interview you as well as check references to determine if a dog is right with your family and lifestyle. Theres a huge chance that you be put on a waiting list until a the right bull terrier comes into the shelter.

Tip #3: Contacting You Pet Care Professionals

Your dog groomer, veterinarian, doggy day care personnel or kennel may know of bull terrier rescue. Contact them and ask them if they know of any bull terriers that need parents. Tell them to forward your information to anyone who’s looking for a home for a bull terrier.