The bull terrier, also known as English bull terrier, is a breed of dog belonging to the terrier family. The breed originated from England and is known for their small, triangular eyes, large, egg-shaped head, and jaunty gait. Famous bull terriers include Scud from the first Toy Story film, and Spuds MacKenzie, the mascot of Budweiser beer commercials. Because of their somewhat fierce and aggressive nature, bull terrier training is important.

Bull terriers are known to be extremely energetic, fearless and fun-loving dogs, so they need a lot of exercise. They are not suitable for every family because small children might be overwhelmed by the sheer energy of the bull terrier. The breed is known to join family quarrels and roughhousing. If there is no bull terrier training, your pet might become destructive and will chew on your furniture and shoes, dig in your yard, and chase their own tail. Also, bull terriers need a constant companion, as a puppy or an adult, because they get bored easily.

Bull terrier training must start when the dog is still young. The trainer must establish himself or herself as a pack leader or an alpha. That way, the bull terrier will know the structure that is in place and the dog will give you trust and respect. One of the very first training a bull terrier must get is being housebroken. Designate a place in your yard where the dog can do its business. If any accidents occur inside the house, take the dog out immediately and put his or her on her designated bathroom. Clean up the accidents immediately with diluted water and vinegar. Never get angry with your dog for making a mistake; praise your dog when the behavior is done properly.

A responsible dog owner should also include lead training and proper socialization in bull terrier training. When walking a bull terrier, the dog must walk beside the owner at a brisk pace and not pull on the leash and attempt to run. A bull terrier that has proper lead training will not be aggressive towards strangers, small children and other animals. It should not attempt to chase them. To socialize bull terriers properly, they should be exposed to different people, sights, sounds and smells. They should get used to being handled, being groomed and being bathed.

In bull terrier training, you should have a schedule of routines that you and your dog can follow. This should be repeated everyday for several weeks so the dog will get used to it. If the dog knows the routine, it will anticipate when you are about to feed it or going to take it out for a walk. You should establish yourself as the master and that your dog should obey your rules by being a firm leader. Remember that training your bull terrier takes time so you need to be patient and consistency.

With proper training and socialization, a bull terrier can be a good-natured and loving dog and a wonderful addition to your family.